Hit The Road And Meet Gorgeous Women

26/12/2013 15:27

If you want to meet many women but don't want to go to clubs then do it during the day. A lot of guys are just starting to find out, don't get left behind. Take the subway, there are a lot of women there going somewhere, you can meet them there. If you look at the things you go to everyday, you'll find places to stop and meet women.   

It's a lot of fun to meet women in the day than it is in the night. You can easily meet her in the day since she can really be herself. You'll have more fun and there's less pressure. You can find a girl anywhere during the day. Keep your eyes open and don't let a girl you like slip by.  

Depending on where you want to meet women, the way you do it also varies. In the day time, most women are busy going about their day. Make your energy level match the location you're in at the moment. During the night, your energy level is high but it's the opposite in the day. You just need to walk nicely and start a normal conversation as described in daygame blueprint by andy yosha.  

Take a walk sometime and you'll surely to meet a pretty girl. She could be busy doing errands and going somewhere. She could be bored and you can use that to your advantage. Gather you confidence and approach her quickly so you can meet this girl. Don't forget to smile when your eyes meet for the first time. Make sure you are looking into her eyes when you say hello. Convey a fun and friendly energy when you start the conversation. Enjoy each others company and make sure you have a good time. Set up a date later on if you good a good time with her. Let her know what you think so she doesn't get the wrong idea.  

Do you feel lonely, you can meet women anytime you know. Most of the time, people are sociable and likes to mingle with other people. If you know good people you can use them to meet more people. Having a lot of good friend is good for you in the long run. Churches are open for meeting new people, too.

They want to get as many people to attend so there should be plenty of women for you to meet. Walk around your city and get used to meeting people. It doesn't have to be a high pressure activity if you don't want it to. Wander around an area where there's obviously a lot of people. Look them in the eyes and say your line whatever it is. If there are many women somewhere, you should be there. And there is always the mall where it's possible to find younger women.  

If you're in college, you can meet girls at college parties and other social events. At parties, you'll be able to meet any number of girls. You just want to remember to have fun and enjoy yourself. Be sure to take the initiative when meeting these girls. The best approach is to flirt with everyone and talking to all the girls in the room. Show your playfulness and flirt with them a little.

Girls will surely notice that you're fun and they'll want to join in. If you show them you're fun to be around with, they won't hesitate to know you. You need to be really social and try to meet the people there. Don't be afraid to say what's on your mind and let them hear it fully. Bring in the excitement when you're meeting someone for the first time. When it's time, be sure to do the right thing and go someplace whene you can be alone. Take her somewhere far from her friends so you can talk more seriously.   

Not all men know what to say when meeting an interesting woman. When they see a nice girl, the suddenly don't know what to do and avoid it altogether.

Though it's not good to think about what might happen wrong, they freeze up anyway. You don't have to memorize cheesy pickup lines to successfully meet women.  Girls will find out the truth either way, so don't fake it.

Women can feel the confidence you have so don't be shy and let it out. Be natural when approaching women so she could relax and enjoy a conversation with you. You can talk about anything you can think of, doesn't matter what it is really. Forget about being desperate when you meet women, it will only creep her out. The key is to enjoy the moment you have with the girl you're conversing with.  

If you're shy, meeting women could be a difficult. It's a must to overcome ones shyness to be able to party with girls. Take it slowly if you want but do it anyway. Try to greet people you encounter every day. This might be a lot of work in the beginning but you need to do it. After some time, meeting women won't be anything special. You don't have to expect anything from the people you meet. It doesn't really matter if they talk to you or not. It matters not if they respond to you in kind, as long as you can talk to them comfortably.

Approach more and more women and get outside your comfort zone. Get good at meeting all kinds of people and you'll get good meeting beautiful women. It can be intimidating at first but the fear will disappear and it will become pleasurable to  meet people .   

Use your sense of humor to make her laugh the first time, and she'll want more. It's always goes well when you can use humor effectively to meet women. Women will just be flocking by your side if you can show them a good time. When you approach women and you have a good attitude towards life, they'll enjoy the conversation more. Having things start right will have things move on the right direction. Keep it simple and continue to improve yourself as you play this game.